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CCSB accepts contract manufacturing projects in which both fermentation and synthesis technologies are involved.

Validated Experience
Contract Manufacturing from lab to commercial scales


 Toll Manufacturing

Coordinated Support
Integrated group effort by qualified staff in departments of R&D, QA and business.

Trust Building and Risk Taking
Our added value comes from many more things beyond just manufacturing capacity and being the reasonable cost provider in a given technology. CCSB’s U.S subsidiary –PHARMAPORTS approaches and serves customers in regulated markets. This leverage of different cost and value structures across different geographies are integrated into a whole-life-cycle manufacturing strategy of pharmaceutical partners.

As partnership is crucial for contract manufacturing project, CCSB has achieved customer satisfaction through its devotion to communication; trust building and risk taking. Taiwan has been dealing with advanced countries for many decades and has adopted general business rules, with integrity as the most important factor. So if a buyer from regulated countries is planning to enter the seemingly random world of partnerships in China, a partner in Taiwan like CCSB will be the right choice. CCSB has a clear working model by that it can tackle challenges in a collaborative way.