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For the past year, we have acknowledged to the growing concern to CSR arises from capital market, the government and the public. We took actions actively and established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in June 2014 and implemented related internal management regulations, took CSR into CCSB’s overall management scope. CCSB expected to execute CSR in a formal and efficient manner to meet the stakeholders’ expectation of CCSB.

Letter From The Chairman

CCSB’s corporate values: “Integrity, Unselfishness, Mutual Aid and Friendship.”

Human Rights Policy

CCSB has devoted to maintain the basic human rights of employees; create an environment with human r

Environmental Safety

Coexistence friendly with ecological environment is a key concept for the company which pursues ...

Social Welfare

CCSB has devoted to the community development for a long time.

CSR Reports

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