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To all those concerned about the sustainable development of Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd.:

This is the sixth Corporate Social Responsibility Report from Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd. Stakeholders can understand our efforts in corporate social responsibility through the disclosure of non-financial information and work together toward a sustainable future.

This is the sixth Corporate Social Responsibility Report from Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd. Stakeholders can understand our efforts in corporate social responsibility through the disclosure of non-financial information and work together toward a sustainable future.As one of the largest manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients in Taiwan, it is our responsibility to provide the global pharmaceutical industry with innovative, high-quality active pharmaceutical ingredients. We continue to work hard. In 2018, we successfully passed inspections from the United States’ FDA and Taiwan’s TFDA, maintaining our excellent cGMP inspection record. In addition to official inspections, all our client cGMP inspections were also successfully passed. Our products meet international standards. This not only proves that we are internationally competitive, it is also an affirmation for our efforts at becoming “the most trustworthy health business in the Chinese-speaking community.”

For a long time, we have viewed our employees as our greatest and most precious asset, as well as the cornerstone of CCSB’s sustainable development. We provide employees with complete benefits, solid training, and smooth promotion channels, and are very concerned about their physical and mental health. Since September 2018, we have hired professional doctors and nurses on-site to provide health management and health promotion work such as employee health consultations, health-care, job site visits, work injury assessment and consultation, and job assignment evaluations. We also conduct thematic emergency response drills every year to strengthen employees' practical experience with contingencies. By doing so, emergencies within the factory can be dealt with as quickly as possible, thus reducing damage and follow-on effects. In 2018, a total of four fire protection and toxic substance disaster prevention drills were conducted. Through the implementation of all these measures, we achieve the goals of strengthening occupational safety training, supervision and management, workplace care, and health-care.

In order to implement pollution prevention, energy conservation and carbon reduction, we continue to promote environmental sustainability action plans. Through obtaining the ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification, we have established energy conservation and carbon reduction targets, and regularly review their implementation progress. In 2018, our energy-saving measures saved 323,354 kWh of electricity and reduced carbon emissions by 168,000 kg. In terms of greenhouse gas emission, we emitted 11,806 metric tons in 2018, a reduction of 4% from 2017. As for the reduction of air pollution, we began to replace oil-fueled boilers at each factory with natural gas boilers in 2016. These no longer produce sulfur oxides or particulate pollutants, and also significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides. In 2018, total emissions from fixed pollution sources were 0.966 metric tons, a significant reduction of 84% from 2017. To reduce emissions of air pollutants, we have sought to minimize the impact of our raw materials and production methods on the environment through continuous improvement of our machines and equipment. Through a variety of measures, we have implemented energy conservation and carbon reduction in our working environment, to make clear our resolve in fighting global warming.

With regard to interactions with society, we give back to communities and society through charitable donations, industry-academia collaboration, park adoption, and sponsorship of local communities, thus fulfilling our CSR based on the concept of using what is taken from society for society. We provided the most direct care to residents in the disaster area after the 2018 Hualien earthquake through public welfare donations, in order to boost their morale. Furthermore, we also gave back to local communities via the sponsorship of various local neighborhood activities and the long-term adoption of parks, in an effort to benefit all of society.


CCSB was established 50 years ago on ideal of “growing from one person to a whole family”. We continue to uphold our business philosophy of “honesty, selflessness, mutual aid, and fraternal love”. Our most important mission is to provide the public with health products and services, while incorporating corporate social responsibility as an important part of our business strategy. We believe that our Company is not just about corporate governance and operational performance; we also need to be thankful for the assistance and support of the community. In the future, we will continue to implement our business philosophy, exercise corporate governance, foster a sustainable environment, and engage in social welfare activities. We sincerely listen and respond to environmental and social demands, and turn reasonable suggestions into directions for us to focus our efforts. We believe that CCSB can contribute more toward the environment and society through these kinds of positive interactions and continuous improvement, making social responsibility an important business philosophy in CCSB’s pursuit of sustainable development. We can work together to create happy lives and a beautiful home.

Derek Wang