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Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd Human Rights Policy
Article 1
This Policy is established to maintain the basic human rights of employees; create an environment with human rights protection; recognize and support key international human rights standards, including the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN Global Compact of the United Nationals, and Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of International Labour Organization (ILO); and request that contractors eliminate abuses or non-compliance concerning human rights in business activities in order to ensure that members within and outside of the Company are treated with equality and dignity.

Article 2
This Policy shall apply to CCSB and its subsidiaries, and organizations or corporations of which CCSB has substantive control power.

Article 3
In terms of human rights, the Company supports the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, supports and respects international human rights, ensures no non-compliance with human rights within the organization and non-cooperation with those abusing human rights. In terms of labor, the Company complies with the standards set out in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work to ban discrimination in and of any forms, forced labor and child labor, and intervention on the employee’s right to freedom of association. In terms of environment, the Company is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment, abiding by relevant laws and regulations to make continual improvement of the safety and health of work environment, preventing accidents and occurrences, reducing the risk of occupational injuries, protecting employee safety, and promoting employees’ physical and mental health.
Article 4
CCSB abides by all labor and gender equality regulations of the regions where it operates, and provides safe and harmonious work environment for employees. CCSB forbids employment of child labor and any form of forced labor, ensures the working hour arrangement being reasonable, and offers equal and fair wages and benefits to employees. Meanwhile, CCSB has committed to eliminating workplace violence, including harassment, violation, physical punishment, verbal insult and psychological oppression of all forms. Relevant policies and procedure have been clearly defined and expressed to workers.

Article 5
CCSB has respected the freedom of association of its employees. CCSB has had accessible and diverse channel for communication between the management and labor. Under such framework, employees or representatives of labor are able to publicly communicate with management without being retaliated, threatened or harassed, so as to create a harmonious workplace for both business and labor.

Article 6
Publicly discloses its strategies and implementation for human rights. CCSB has clearly and specifically conveyed its strategies and issues related to human rights to employees, suppliers and clients. To protect human rights and privacy, CCSB has established complete mechanisms to control access, processing, transfer, and storage the safety of employees and equipment. CCSB also implements security maintenance and control measures for the development, design, and maintenance of relevant application systems, databases, networks, personal computers, and storage media to secure information.