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Process development of product from lab to commercial-scale.

The R&D department in CCSB not only executes process development of APIs and intermediates but also collaborate with academic research in new drug development. CCSB’s synthesis research lab performs design and development of novel non-infringing synthetic process with economic efficiency, technology transfer from research to commercial scale and custom process research services in constricted timelines.

─Core technologies───────────────────────────────
Small Molecule Process Design and Development
Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) Process Design and Development
Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) Process Design and Development
Hybrid Fragment Peptide Synthesis Process Design and Development
Purification Process Development
Synthesis, Isolation and Structure Identification of impurity
Analytical Method Development
Process Design and Verification of Commercial Production

Experts from synthesis research lab in CCSB efficiently collaborate with clients to meet their goals by providing value added research ideas. More than twenty people (25% PhD and 55% Masters) are working in this lab expertise in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry or chemical engineering with sound knowledge in this field.

Equipment in synthesis research lab ranging from LC-Mass, GC-Mass, UPLC, HPLC GC, Preparative HPLC, high vacuum distillation unit, automated peptides synthesizers, lyophilizers to different types of reactors. This fully equipped lab allows rapid development of scalable and robust process utilizing advanced methodologies.